cooking on masterchef

baked dessert
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Those lights, they ramp the pressure up,

I know that cameras catch my every move,

Hands shaking as I chop I try my best

To imagine that I’m in my kitchen home

Where an Aga sings all day, heating air

Cold with winter snow and ice.

The studio is sunny, painted white

To make it bigger on the screen, but now

It feels so clinical, like judges may

Want to kill or operate on me.

I’m making fancy stuff today;

Impress them’s what they said,

They want to see the fiddly stuff,

Not the one pot dish that nana taught

When you were just a little girl.

Those casseroles and meaty stews are not

What they want to see, so make a roux

And add a strawberry coulis too,

With warmth of ginger mixed with saffron,

Rice that’s flavoured with a coconut;

Knock them out with taste explosions,

Bamboozle those at home with words

That none will understand, and with a smear

Of chocolate sauce spread artfully,

I’ll fool the world and make them think

I have a flipping clue!

spilling the tea on all of those famous people

classic photo of a woman holding a tea cup
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The stuff I know could shake the world

And opinions roll from me like marbles from

The hands of grubby playground kids.

I’ll let you in on the secrets that I know

And in the process I will crush some souls,

Doesn’t matter though because

I’ll never meet the people talked about.

I have become painfully aware of this ‘spilling the tea’ movement on platforms like YouTube. It feels like the only way to gain traction on the internet is to be horrible to someone.

The people who make these videos can really attack people that they don’t know at all and it feels like, if you’re famous, you’re fair game for most of these people.

The internet has the power to be so helpful and positive but it has just twisted into something quite nightmarish. I do wonder how some of these famous people cope with some of the attacks they get online? I know for certain that I would need to curl up in a ball and cry. Perhaps we should think how we would feel a little more often?

Much Love

Rachel xx

What a dumb bloody question

“what are you wearing?” they asked

as i marched through the crowd of glamour and glitz.

dumbly, i looked down at the gown that i wore.

“a dress,” i said, feeling deflated.

why would they ask?

does it matter if i wear

a thing that i plucked

from the rails of forever twenty one?

does it matter that the blusher and lipstick is on?

i wish so bad that you would learn to see

that rather inadvertently

you’ve missed a golden opportunity

to open up a conversation

that would give you a sort of indication

that the world at large, it wants to hear,

less about the stuff that’s so nonsensical

and more about the things we loathe

and that we love and that we fear.

that’s what pulls upon the strings

that hold our hearts in place.

that’s what reaches inside our soul,

shining a light on all that is dark

making us squirm and scratch at the skin

until nothing is left but a thing that is raw,

the clothes that you asked about all tattered and torn.

so now it is time that i make you a pledge

if you ask where i bought the shoes on my feet

or who was the person that coiffed my hair

i’ll say something smart and incredibly deep

and i’ll do it with style

and courage and flair.

I saw this thing that was said by Jennifer Lawrence and just had to write something about it. It made me laugh and get angry all at once which is what all the best quotes should do. Nothing should be entirely black or white if it’s going to make us think and open up a lively debate.

On the one hand, asking her what she is wearing is the standard question we expect to hear on the red carpet. It’s what the designers put the dress on her for. But then she kind of has a point. Are we worrying too much about the things that shouldn’t really matter at all?

We are living in a world where so many people have depression and anxiety and so much of it is because we are scared that we are not good enough. There is a deep black hole inside some of us and it could be filled if we started asking meaningful questions. Better questions than “is the dress you are wearing really expensive and highly sought after?”

We should be seeking kindness and fun and a desire to love; this is what will make the world a nicer place to live in. I hope that today you spend a little less time judging people by what they are wearing, what job they do and what car they drive and a little more time getting to know the real them and what makes them tick.

Much Love,

Rachel xx