carols from kings and wine that is mulled

Carols from Kings and wine that is mulled,

As we watch from front rooms, glasses in hand.

Fairy lights twinkling, mirroring candles

Lining the pews, much older than us.

It signals a year that is over for now,

Just a week of cold meats, and bright fruity chutneys

Unwrapping presents that mean something more

Now that we’ve had a rough year or two.

Now it’s the socks and hand knitted sweaters,

With carolling boys in draughty cathedrals

Filling our days in darkest December.

decorating the office for christmas

string lights over gold bauble and garland

Tacky foil in six foot garlands

Strung across the room, as Ruby clambers

On the table, taping them to ceiling tiles.

While Antony scrolls aimlessly

Through Christmas tracks looking for Mariah,

Sarah props the broken tree in between the stacks

Of aging books from dusty corners of

The storeroom no one’s been in for a year.

It’s all a cobbled mess of baubles and

Of tinsel from the 1980s but, we love

The cosy feel that comes with festive vibes.

We decorated the office for Christmas the other day and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. There is something about everyone coming together to put up the tackiest decorations known to man that is so heart warming.

I think that a big part of my love for it comes down to being an only child and not having all that hustle and bustle that comes with lots of people putting up the tinsel. I always remember mum wanting the perfect tree and she would do it all herself. There would be no arguments or people tripping over one another. It was just quiet and ordered.

I really enjoyed watching my new colleagues fighting with one another and bickering over music and trying desperately to stand up a tree with no legs (using a box of Romeo and Juliet texts). I felt like I was part of one of those warm and friendly families that you see on the TV and I really liked it.

Much Love

Rachel xx