travelling forwards and backwards in time

Where would you go if you had a machine

You could climb inside and press sets of buttons

And pull various levers until there’s a whirring

And a flashing of lights. Your brain starts to swill

As the pulling of time twists your insides.

Would you go to the Ice Age and ride on the mammoth

Or visit the Tudors and watch a Shakespearean play?

Perhaps you’d go forward to a time we don’t know

Where there’s robots and AI, and holograms

So pop stars can sing in ordinary front rooms.

But what if you played with the time-space continuum

And our lives were all altered beyond recognition?

Would you still travel if it changed all you knew?

I am in love with any story that deals with time travel or parallel story lines. Anything like The Time Traveler’s Wife, About Time or Sliding Doors are right up my street. I think that the reason I love these stories so much is that they get my little brain ticking and thinking what if?

I wonder if I would actually like to go forwards or backwards and whether there would be any repercussions. I also wonder what my life would be like if I made a single decision just a little bit differently; would my life be completely different?

I’m always so curious about those photos you see on Facebook that were taken in the 1930s and in the middle of the crowd there is a man in Ray bans and board shorts. I know that they are probably photoshopped but it still gets me thinking. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you spotted somebody you knew in one of those photos? What would you do if you asked them about it and they just smiled and shrugged?

I’m sure that time travel has been achieved, just like there are probably loads of things that we don’t know about what the powers that be know of UFOs. I promise I’m not a conspiracy theorist but stories about these kinds of things are always going to pull me in; I’m a sucker for them.

Much Love

Rachel xx