chicken pie for the soul

three round pies
Photo by Amanda Reed on

The flaky crust is a golden field

That stretches over the circular dish,

Speckled with the pastry stars

Dotted here and there, the edge

Crimped so lovingly, with a silver fork.

And then when cooked and cut with sharpened knife

The creamy filling oozes out

And chunks of chicken slip and slide

Between the leeks and brightest carrots

Soothing souls with every bite.

Those with colds and flu

Needing food to cure their woes

Enjoy a pie to fill that hole

That gapes so wide when all is told.

I believe that when you are ill, or at least recovering from illness, you need to fix yourself with food. And there is nothing more satisfying than pie. Flaky pastry, a creamy sauce and loads of chicken and veggies is a miracle mixture. There is no way that you can eat that and not feel a little bit better.

And then the cold weather is on the way this week and so we all need a little bit of winter flubber. Pie is full of all the calories, so why not have a couple of slices, if only to keep ourselves a bit warmer over the next few weeks.

Much Love

Rachel xx

cooking on masterchef

baked dessert
Photo by Mattia Marcassoli on

Those lights, they ramp the pressure up,

I know that cameras catch my every move,

Hands shaking as I chop I try my best

To imagine that I’m in my kitchen home

Where an Aga sings all day, heating air

Cold with winter snow and ice.

The studio is sunny, painted white

To make it bigger on the screen, but now

It feels so clinical, like judges may

Want to kill or operate on me.

I’m making fancy stuff today;

Impress them’s what they said,

They want to see the fiddly stuff,

Not the one pot dish that nana taught

When you were just a little girl.

Those casseroles and meaty stews are not

What they want to see, so make a roux

And add a strawberry coulis too,

With warmth of ginger mixed with saffron,

Rice that’s flavoured with a coconut;

Knock them out with taste explosions,

Bamboozle those at home with words

That none will understand, and with a smear

Of chocolate sauce spread artfully,

I’ll fool the world and make them think

I have a flipping clue!