Rachel and simon’s ultimate playlist

Holy crap, I think I’m in love with the Duke of Hastings. And how nice it is to get lost in a world of romance and balls and marriage and courtships. I have never made a secret of my love for Austen novels and although this isn’t a ‘classic’ it’s just as dreamy.

I’m over half way through a bit of a binge and it’s become a little bit steamy, shall we say. And it’s made all the more special with the music.

Now, I don’t have a musical bone in my body, and I’ve always been very sad about this (I’m a closet X Factor wannabe, sorry). However, I adore a good movie soundtrack or score. I remember being fourteen and listening to the Titanic soundtrack over and over, just reliving that moment when Leo died.

Bridgerton has used string quartets to cover modern pop songs and, oh my God, it’s sexy. I am writing my own little love story at the moment and I’m busy writing with these tracks playing in the background.

Which leads me onto my point; how music can somehow shape the things we create. I always have a couple of songs that I listen to while I’m working on any one project. If the story I’m writing is based in the 90’s I might have a bit of a Backstreet Boys theme going on. If it’s a story about love then it’s probably got to have some Celine Dion power ballads.

I just wish that I could create music myself. I was blessed with the ability to write and draw pretty well but music is not a thing over here. Sadly.

Much Love

Rachel xx

Haiku: Hollywood Drama and the B word

I’m relatively new to the world of haiku so I’ve been playing around with the format quite a bit recently. The thing is, I can’t seem to use it for anything serious or meaningful. All I want to do is write something fun because it’s just too short to do anything else. I’m sure there must be other people out there who feel the same? Am I right?

Anyway, here are two of my early attempts. The first is called Hollywood Drama and the second is all about the B word. Everyone in Britain will be clicking away from this post immediately but imma gonna go there anyway….

Hollywood Drama

Brad met Jen and then

He made a film with Ange and

There were lots of kids

The B Word

Brexit is real fun

Politicians tend to lie

I am lying too