standing in the rain, catching droplets with my tongue

body of water
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There comes a time when the heat is too much

And all I can dream of is that brilliant sky

Opening up in a celestial grey, with a rumbling roar

That runs through my heart, stopping the beat

And making me feel like this is the end.

But really it’s just, the thing that I need

To cut through that heat, in a violent way.

And I creep out from shelter, into a garden

Where droplets will fall from conifer branches,

Cool and refreshing, reminding me of

The fact that I’m here, I’m living a life

That needs to be loved; to pull myself out

Of the darkness that set my bones into place

And now they are greased, and free,

Eased by those droplets that land on my tongue.

So, if you are living in the UK, you will know that it’s been a little bit hot over the past few days. And most Brits cannot handle heat or cold. So this means that I have felt pretty miserable for a little while.

However, today the rain clouds rolled in and the weather has quite suddenly cooled. Again, as a Brit, I would normally complain about the rain because British people like to complain about any form of weather. That said, these rain clouds were received gratefully.

I have really enjoyed doing my work this evening, while listening to the rain hitting the trees outside. There is something insanely calming about the sound of rain and it really makes me believe that mindfulness is a really important part of staying mentally well. Just to be grounded and in the moment is so desperately important.

It then just so happened that I read a post on Twitter by Matt Haig. He wrote that 21 years ago he was on the verge of killing himself because of depression. He said that he had stepped out into the garden as it started to rain and just revelled in the moment.

How wonderful is it that humans can strip away our worries and enjoy a moment like that, even if it is just for a moment? Go out and catch some raindrops with your tongue. I promise it will make you feel better.

Much Love

Rachel xx