last day of term

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Computer screens will buzz with static

As the power drains from us; our energy

Gone from bodies feeling battered, bruised

And ready for a two week rest. Kids are gone

And teachers congregate in stuffy staff rooms,

Smiles are twitching at the corners of our mouths,

Knowing this is it, the end is here, we made it

With health intact and minds still ticking,

Just at a slightly slower rate. We hug

And wish each other Merry Christmas, pulling on

Our coats and scarves, loaded with a box of marking

Just in case we’re bored one day. For now we dream

Of wine in glasses large as bowls, and Christmas snacks

Laid in platters endlessly. Work can wait for now,

As can questions from those anxious students who

Claw at us for sweet attention every day;

They can wait until the new year rolls around.

overjoyed at making it

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There is a finish line in sight,

We’ll stagger there, crying also

Laughing as we don’t know what to feel.

I think a rest is what is needed or

A short-ish stay in some facility

That can keep me safe and give me drugs

And get me ready for another round!

I made it!!! I made it to the end of my first half term as a qualified teacher! And what a roller coaster it has been.

I have had days when I have been buzzing and felt like I’ve made a real difference. Even if lessons went ‘badly’, I still felt like one kid might have got something positive from an hour in my room. And that is such a wonderful feeling.

However, there have also been days when I could barely see the road on my way home because I was crying so hard. And I’ve learnt that those ups and downs are normal and if I want to teach I need to accept that they will be a part of my life for my entire career.

I do have to remember that even if there are tough days, it can never be as bad as not caring. It was soul destroying to work on shop floor for 15 years, not feeling an ounce of passion for what I was doing. The only saving grace was that I could leave any stresses at the door at the end of my shift; now that is an impossibility.

For now, I am going to turn off my computer and rest for a couple of days – no planning and no marking at all. It is much needed as yesterday I needed to drive around a roundabout twice because I forgot where I was going and missed my exit.

Much Love

Rachel xx