beech trees in the rain

rain passing through at clearing in the woods
Photo by Darius Krause on

Solid trunks of striking black

With such a pop of yellow green

As rain drips through the canopy.

There’s something in that woodland world

That soothes my mind and oils the creaks,

A heady charge to flagging health

On early Sunday morning runs.

I worked as a hot tub maintenance person in a luxury forest lodge place, and I did it for four years. I stuck the job out for so long purely because I loved being in the outside in the woods.

And I got most of my joy in the early summer months when the leaves just burst out from their buds. There is always a week at the end of April or the beginning of May where it rains and the trees just burst out into colour in days.

This seems to have happened this week and it is lovely.

In the forest I worked in there were mainly beech trees and I had forgotten quite how much I loved those particular trees. I was reminded on this when I went for a run today and I ran straight through a wood full of beech trees.

It was raining today and the trunks were black and the leaves were the brightest green. The contrast was so beautiful and I could feel myself recharging as I ran. I miss that colour so much and I definitely need more of it.

Much Love

Rachel xx

running and road names

There’s definitely a lot to be said

For that runner’s high.

That beautiful drug, cycling through veins

And sweating out hot and poisonous thoughts.

It’s a therapy of kind,

But sunnier in nature

With a guilt-free pizza waiting at the end.

I did a nice long run before the hottest of the weather rolls in tomorrow. I haven’t been doing many long runs recently so it was nice to batter my legs and feel the pain.

I could write pages and pages about why I love running, even though I seem to hate it while I’m actually doing it. It’s like medicine, though; it’s not that pleasant to take it but it seems to fix some of the problems in your life, at least for an afternoon.

Today, in an attempt to be mindful, I concentrated on the road names that I passed. It’s funny how you don’t notice these things when you whizz by in a car. Some of them are so beautiful and the winning name today was a new estate that is being built that is called Poet’s Meadow.

How much do I want to live in a place called Poet’s Meadow?

I hope that you have all made the most of the sunshine this afternoon and evening and that you have something in your life that is therapeutic. It helps make life just that little bit more bearable and we all need those things in times like these.

Much Love,

Rachel xx