in honour of john

I’m 36 so I missed the genius that was John Lennon by a couple of years. That doesn’t stop me from loving everything that he ever created and floated out into the world. He just seemed to ‘get it’ in a way that only the very best of artists ever do.

It has been forty years since the awful day that he was shot in NYC. And yet his work still makes sense to us; it still resonates with a world that has changed so much in some ways.

And in others it has not changed a bit.

I drew this picture a little while ago and it was only when I realised that it was forty years today that I dug it out of my Insta feed.

Such an amazing man and I urge you to get on YouTube and have a little listen to some of his songs. You probably know them well, but sometimes you just need some John Lennon to soothe the soul.

Much Love

Rachel xx