an ode to taylor swift

A still from the video for “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift.

Oh Taylor, you saved me from myself,

You’ve done it many times.

When the girls were mean,

You know what you told me?

To shake it off, shake it off (and yes, I did).

And when I didn’t feel special

It was you singing so loud

That I’m the only one of me

And that’s just what I needed.

Taylor, you’ll always be special

Because even though I’m a mum,

Even though I’m in my thirties,

You’ll always make me feel twenty-two.

Just a few lines for the wonder that is Taylor Swift. I love that girl and I recently got into a fight with a colleague over her. My colleague is married to a musician and I love any music that comes with a dance routine (think Backstreet Boys and early Britney) so our tastes are a million miles away from each other.

But, I was arguing that Taylor was a great songwriter. And yes, I agree that there’s nothing incredibly deep going on in her lyrics but she knows her audience. She is the girl we turn to when we’ve split with a boyfriend; her lyrics are exactly what we wrote in our diaries when we were fourteen.

And nobody can deny that they have had Shake It Off stuck in their mind for at least a few hours of their life. Girl can write a catchy tune!

Anyway, just wanted to write something fun. We’re all feeling a bit down at the moment and music is the way that a lot of us can get through it. It makes us feel just a little bit lighter in some pretty dark times. So if you are having a bit of a tough time, put on some Taylor and dance around the living room. That’s what I’m about to do.

Much Love

Rachel xx