for the love of plants

variety of green leaf plants on table infront of window

I felt sick, alone and sick,

And so I bought a plant.

He sat alone, in a grubby bucket by the door,

And soon I found myself freely chatting to him

Softly in a whisper first, and then in normal tone.

I knew he needed friends and so I trudged to garden stores

To find the loveliest of house plants in the world

And soon my house was jungle like, filled with greenery.

People worried I’d gone mad as parrots flew from bedroom windows

And steamy clouds would drift from open doors.

But I knew that I had made a world where sickness seeped away

And nature held me in its hand

While everybody round my home, slowly withered down.

lovin’ the chelsea flower show

Creeping over crunchy ground,

Through leaves all dried by sun

To flowers blooming in their shade.

The secret garden lives for me,

A place to disappear, dissolve

From whirling worlds that spin too fast.

Here there is a slower pace

Where I am forced to take some time

Down beside the waters still,

And find my place of perfect peace.

I’ve been watching all the highlights from the past Chelsea Flower Shows that are on TV at the moment. If you are not from the UK then you may not know it, but it’s a really prestigious gardening show where everyone is gunning for a gold medal in the judging.

I’ve never really been a fan, I think that watching people walk through gardens is a bit like watching paint dry. But in the past we’ve enjoyed going to visit National Trust properties and walking through the gardens. With that not a possibility anymore, I seem to have latched onto watching the flower show. (Either that, or I’m just getting old).

The gardens on the show are just stunning and so creative. As somebody who loves art and anything that involves getting mucky and creative, I’m enjoying the artistry. And the water features are to die for. I don’t know about you but I find trickling water to be the most relaxing sound in the world.

I’ve been going through the old photos to remember times when we were at the National Trust gardens and I’m buzzing to get back to them. I’m tempted to get a pass when this is all over so that we can go on loads of road trips.

I didn’t really have anything that I was burning to say today, so I just thought I’d bring you something pretty and whimsical, so this is what you have. A little slice of The Secret Garden in my own style.

Much Love,

Rachel xx