a love for basingstoke

Don’t laugh, because I know it’s what you want to do

But I have a love for the town in which I live.

It gets an awful rep from almost everyone

Despite the fact it has so much to give.


We have so many roundabouts

That even short drives tend to make you dizzy

And then there’s the famous Wote Street Willy,

A sculpture that is….well…..pretty?


Basingstoke is basically

A little London, but less cool.

If Hampshire were a royal crown

Then Basingstoke would surely be its jewel.


We have the pubs and clubs that London has

It’s just that ours all close at ten.

But once they’ve closed we have kebabs

Sold from greasy shops by Turkish men.


I’d say we have a lot of culture

But I think that everyone would know I’m lying,

A link to Pride and Prejudice

Is our attempt at really trying.


So next time you decide to slate

My favourite town called Basingstoke,

Think again, and give the place a bloody chance

And don’t just treat us like a joke.

I had plans to do a bit of travelling this year, even if it was just a few long weekends over to Europe. I have hardly seen any of Europe and now that my son is getting older, I think that he would appreciate some trips to places like Barcelona and Rome.

However, there has been a major spanner thrown in the works by that bloody virus. This means that any travel over the summer is beginning to look highly unlikely. It looks like I’m not really going to get out of my hometown of Basingstoke for a good few months.

But Basingstoke does get some flack as being a bit of a boring town. It has been referred to as Boringstoke (although I prefer to rename it Bas Vegas). I do understand the criticism it gets because most of the town centre and surrounding estates were built in the 1970’s as an over spill town to accommodate a growing London.

It is, therefore, a bit bland and characterless. But it is my home and I feel quite protective of it. So, I wrote this fun poem in defence of the town where I am going to live and apparently spend my summer holidays this year.

Basingstoke really is a great town. And yes, we do have a sculpture of a willy in the middle of one of our shopping streets (see dick pic).

Much Love

Rachel xx