the miniaturist

miniature village photo
Photo by David McBee on

The tiny pieces, chairs

And tables, book cases filled

With dusty volumes and

The smallest ornaments

You’ve ever seen.

Mini cushions on

The little couch

For little men returning

From their little jobs.

I’ve always found miniature things really fascinating. Whenever we went on holidays when I was a kid, one of my favourite activities was to go to model villages or to see miniature railways. This was the early nineties so we did find some of the simpler things more exciting than we would these days.

I remember going to Cornwall when I was about six or seven and they love a good model village down there. I went to so many and I would spend hours just staring at all the detail.

I don’t think I even thought about the work that went into it at that time. I seemed to just think that it was built by the little people in there and they would just go about their business at night when we had all gone home.

Now you can buy those amazing miniature living rooms, studies or coffee shops and literally have your own miniature village in your own home – all for just thirty quid.

I think that I might have to get one of them for the long summer holiday. I can imagine that I’ll be in my element building a teeny tiny library to go on my life sized book shelf.

Much Love

Rachel xx