How do I master my feelings (plus poem)

I don’t know about you but I really struggle to master my feelings when emotion is running high. It’s like I lose the ability to act like a normal human being (or at least a normal adult human being).

Have you ever found yourself in a stressful situation and all that you can do is cry? Have you ever wanted to keep your cool and found yourself screaming at the top of your voice? Well, I think we’ve all been there at one point or another and apparently it’s completely normal.

Now, I’m all for showing your vulnerabilities because I believe that it helps to foster good relationships with others. Showing that you’re vulnerable and that you do have feelings makes you more much easier to relate to. However there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Don’t become known as the drama queen!

If you’re always kicking off and making a scene you’re going to become really unpopular pretty quickly. We all know that one person who we shrink away from when things go wrong.

So how do you master those emotions and become a little more zen when the proverbial shit has hit the fan? Here are three ways to change your thinking so that you can stay as cool as a cucumber in an emergency:

  1. Learn the art of meditation. It will help you to stay calm especially if you practice it in the morning, before you start your day. There are tonnes of guided meditations on Youtube that you can use for free.
  2. Remember that emotions can’t hurt you. You lash out at people and cry because you are frightened. The little kid in you is just trying to scare off the perceived attack. If you can tell yourself that the feeling won’t hurt you it’s much easier to curb that fear and stay calm, at least on the outside!
  3. Don’t engage with the person who has wound you up. Tit for tat is not going to work if you want to master your feelings. If somebody says something that is hurtful and would normally set you off try saying “Thank you for your input. I will take that on board.” It will totally stump the other person and they won’t really feel like they have made a chink in your armour. It actually becomes quite funny to watch them try and come back from that.

Bonus Poem – Emotions

Sometimes I really do not know

In which direction I should go,

When I’m pinned against the wall,

And this person’s gunning for my fall.

I feel like maybe I should cry,

I cannot fight but also cannot fly.

I’m trapped with no control,

You’re crushing my very heart and soul.

I used to drink to dampen down

The feelings and to place the crown,

Of painful thorns upon my head.

Now it goes without it being said,

That letting feelings flow and ebb,

Will free me from that sticky web,

Of tears and screams and then the losing

Of the words and actions of your choosing.

But those feelings will not hurt you,

So take it down a notch or two.

Don’t fight back or engage

And dissipate your angry rage.

Share a blog post: because sharing is caring (plus poem)

Life is all about connecting with others and helping each other through because life is a bit of a challenge. And because this blog is very much about being nice to one another and having a successful life at the same time, I really want to make the most of the connecting power that blogging has. So I want to open this post up to have a little share, giving us all the chance to help each other in this part of our lives.

I’ve seen lots of threads like this on Facebook but I know that a lot of people either aren’t on FB or they don’t want their feed clogged up with lots of group posts. So I’m going to see if it can work on here!

Let’s all give each other a helping hand and visit, like and share each others blog posts. If you would like to get involved pop a link to your post in the comments and write a sentence or two about why you started blogging and what you want to achieve. Only positive and nice things, please, as I don’t want to be spreading hate and nastiness. Then it would be fabulous if you could have a look at other blogs in the comments and share the love. Click like on the posts, share or comment, or maybe even start following someone.

And to get you started I wanted to write what it was that got me started. I wanted to build a community of like minded people who wanted to promote kindness over the nastiness that I see so much of in the world. I also wanted to see the people who have been a bit downtrodden and have taken a few knocks feel uplifted and confident enough to go out and get the success that they deserve. Whether you have had family troubles, addiction issues or mental health problems, you are just of deserving of happiness, confidence and success.

And here’s a poem to encourage a little more sharing:

Sharing’s really rather nice,

And comes at such a tiny price.

It’s just a comment, click or share,

To show how much you really care.

You could make a friend or two,

And even start a freaking crew,

Who’ll have your back when things are tough,

And make you feel like you’re enough!

Always get back on the horse

I’m in the middle of working a couple of nights again so it’s really difficult to sit down and write something serious and heartfelt. It’s hard to do that anyway so I thought I’d do what I do best and not even try to be deep.

I really enjoyed writing some poetry for this blog yesterday and everyone loves a little doodle to go along with it. So of course I thought I’d do it again because I need something easy to do when I’m feeling as flipping knackered as I am right now.

Here’s my poem that I am calling ‘always get back on the horse’. It’s an epic piece of literature that I think could possibly win me a few awards and I hope that you all feel as positive about it as I do.

There will always be times when things go wrong,

And goals are taking far too long.

You may feel like staying down,

When others round you start to drown.

But I want you to fiercely growl,

When you really want to chuck in the towel.

Rise and roar like the tiger that you are,

Light up the sky like a freaking shooting star.

But when you make it to the very top,

And all you do, has that crazy jazzy pop.

Remember to be really kind,

Because if you’re not, you may find.

That you will quickly tumble back,

To the place that’s really black.

So get back on your mother trucking horse,

And make sure you run that bloody course!

Have an amazing day, much love

Rachel xx