Do they find it funny?

I’m watching the Windsors and I can’t help but wonder what the real royal family think of it. I really hope that they watch, and I hope even


a vision in green


No, just a vision

Of green

Slicing through the crowd

Holding all the eyes

As she winds her way through

Hundreds in black

A king in waiting

Smitten, on her arm.

I’m a huge fan of Kate Middleton. I do hope that everything is OK with her and William as I think that they are such a glamorous couple. It would be awful if they went down the route that Prine William’s parents did.

And then there is all the tit for tat that seems to be going on between the two brothers, but Kate seems to always rise above it.

And this weekend she was a vision in green. Was it a hint at the green-eyed monster that could be lurking between the two couples? Or is she just making a green statement for a greener planet?

Whatever she was saying with her outfit, she was stunning and Britain is lucky to have her as our representative on the world stage.

Much Love

Rachel xx

the solemn bang of the drum

angelic statue and sunset scenery
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The solemn bang of the drum

Reverberates through the drooping crowd,

Heads bowed and all in black,

Some crying, others raise their phones

To catch the spectacle for Instagram,

And still the drum beat continues on,

Warning mortals that our death

Is just around the corner too.

There was only really one thing that I could write about today: the funeral. It was a last minute Bank Holiday so that most people could have the time off work to watch the service and the procession.

If there was any doubt that our country can pull off the pomp and ceremony befitting a queen, then today those doubts were laid to rest. It was bloody magnificent.

I have never seen such a large procession and they actually walked a really long way so that lots of people got the chance to see it first hand. And I don’t think there has ever been an event where so many foreign dignitaries were present. It just goes to show what an amazing and well respected lady she was.

It was great to see Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the funeral, and I think everyone was in agreement that they are possibly the best behaved kids on the planet. I do wish that they had brought Prince Louis along as think he would have caused havoc – we always need a bit of comic relief in even the saddest of circumstances.

Watching the Princes William and Harry walking along behind the coffin was quite difficult because it brought back so many memories of that day, 25 years ago, when they walked behind the coffin of their mother.

Funerals always bring back memories of the people we miss and I’m sure there will be people out there who are feeling a bit low this evening so I hope you all keep safe and eat lots of chocolate.

Much Love

Rachel xx