Always get back on the horse

I’m in the middle of working a couple of nights again so it’s really difficult to sit down and write something serious and heartfelt. It’s hard to do that anyway so I thought I’d do what I do best and not even try to be deep.

I really enjoyed writing some poetry for this blog yesterday and everyone loves a little doodle to go along with it. So of course I thought I’d do it again because I need something easy to do when I’m feeling as flipping knackered as I am right now.

Here’s my poem that I am calling ‘always get back on the horse’. It’s an epic piece of literature that I think could possibly win me a few awards and I hope that you all feel as positive about it as I do.

There will always be times when things go wrong,

And goals are taking far too long.

You may feel like staying down,

When others round you start to drown.

But I want you to fiercely growl,

When you really want to chuck in the towel.

Rise and roar like the tiger that you are,

Light up the sky like a freaking shooting star.

But when you make it to the very top,

And all you do, has that crazy jazzy pop.

Remember to be really kind,

Because if you’re not, you may find.

That you will quickly tumble back,

To the place that’s really black.

So get back on your mother trucking horse,

And make sure you run that bloody course!

Have an amazing day, much love

Rachel xx