thank you for the funny answers

Thank you for the hubble, bubble, toilet trouble,

The capital of Germany is G,

Thank you for your mixed up dates,

Lego bricks from 1850,

Horse and carriages in 2010,

And thank you for reminding me

That Jk Rowling was the writer

Of Wide Sargasso Sea.

I love the funny answers that kids come out with on tests and in books. Today I read one of their test papers and I was informed that the fastest Channel swim was 34 minutes. You can’t even get across on a ferry in under an hour so I would have loved to see that swimmer. He must have had an outboard motor attached to him.

I know that as a teacher I shouldn’t laugh at the funny things kids say (and I promise I’d never laugh in front of them) but they do come out with some really great lines. I think that given all the crap teachers need to put up with, a little laugh behind closed doors can be forgiven.

Much Love

Rachel xx