i fell into an internet hole when i was looking for a word to describe the judge

Words just roll from careless tongues

That loll with pure exhaustion, tired

From bitching, moaning, telling all our woes.

But sometimes there just isn’t what

We need to say within the pages of

The dusty dictionary, resting on the upper shelf.

Sometimes we will need to search

A little deeper, to express the feelings rough

And ready to annihilate.

My dad came over today and he told me that he had an email from the solicitor to tell him that the judge is questioning the final settlement in the divorce. This obviously becomes upsetting for everyone and then we just end up bitching and moaning about the world and how everyone seems to be against us.

It really is a vicious and ugly circle that we get sucked into and all it does is create a whole load of bad energy.

Anyway, while I was fuming I went on the internet and started to look for great words to describe the judge for the questions he is asking in his infinite wisdom.

I ended up spending twenty minutes laughing because the words out there are great. We have such a brilliant language that can be played with to be so funny and clever. Even the word cockwomble had me in stitches for a good few minutes and that’s not very clever at all.

I’m not quite sure where the narrative of this post is going because I wanted to write about how mad I am at my mum and the judge. Instead, I am wandering into a world of brilliant insults that I really want to use in real life.

Fuckety Bye,

Rachel xx