burns night 2021

man playing wind instrument
Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

I’ll long for Scotland from my lounge,

The purple hills and mirrored lochs

That stretch out further than the mind.

Raise a glass of single malt and sing

In stranger tongues that make no sense

And eat alone but with your friends

On Burns night twenty twenty one.

My dad is part of the Masons and they put on a lot of social events to raise money for local charities. One of the big nights that they celebrate is the annual Burns night which honours all things Scottish.

The night is always really special and we get to eat haggis that is paraded in by a man playing the bagpipes. Some of the men wear kilts and the women wear tartan sashes. And for those that drink, there is plenty of whisky to enjoy.

It makes me a little bit sad this year though. Not just because we can’t all gather to celebrate, but because last year was one of the final social events that we had before we entered this strange new world.

This time last year, we still didn’t have a clue what was on the horizon and it makes me think about how much I took for granted as I tucked into my haggis in January 2020. It’s strange to think that just eight weeks later, the idea of a social would be laughable.

I don’t drink so I can’t raise a glass tonight, but I may put on some bagpipe music and pretend with a little glass of apple juice. It will feel sad, knowing what we have lost over the last year. But maybe there can be a little glimmer of hope in there too. For now we know exactly how 2020 panned out but we also know that with a vaccine here, we may be on our way out of the other side.

Much Love

Rachel xx

is it ok?

adult air beautiful beauty

Is it ok to say that this year’s been good?

I’ve learnt to let go and swim with the river

I’ve had that moment of clear realisation

That life is unfair, but that’s not so bad

Because there’ll always be highs that blind me with light

And they’re found in the places that I never would look

That’s what this year has taught me in spades

And what a beautiful lesson that was to learn.

the new normal

There’ll come a day when prison doors swing open

And we all step out in light, squinting upward

With cold, hard hope resting in our hearts.

But will we run out full of joy

Or will our steps be tentative?

How do creatures of routine

Slip back into how it used to be?

My guess is that we’ll struggle hard,

With fearful, anxious cloaks draped around our shoulders,

Facing up to a new day

And changes that will need to be made.

I don’t know about you guys but I don’t know how I feel about coming out of lockdown. I’m a bit of a goody two shoes, so I follow the rules, no matter what. So coming out of this is going to feel a little bit like I’m breaking those rules.

I’m sure there are others out there who will take their second walk of the day for the first time after the lockdown is lifted and feel like a policeman is going to jump out of the bushes to arrest me. I alsways catastrophise everything so my mind goes from having a pleasant walk to getting arrested, to being put in prison for life!

There is also going to be the issue of going to crowded places again. I think that a lot of people would be really anxious about going to a place like the O2 Arena to see a concert. I have spent some time wondering how long it will take for people to find that confidence again.

So, really I’m just thinking about how, as humans, we find a new normal really quickly. Lockdown would have been unimageable a couple of months ago and now I’m worrying about having to change back. I really am a creature that is in need of routine and the safety that offers. If you are too, don’t worry, we’ll get there together.

Much Love

Rachel xx