the reunion show

I really love a good reunion show. They always seem to be presented by the same man, who sits in the centre of a semi circle of sofas,


love on tv

brown wooden love is lover decor
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He stands at the altar, waiting

For his bride, he knows his type,

Blonde with blue eyes, definitely no taller

Than 5 foot 5. She probably needs

To like running marathons and listening

To drum and bass music, but of course,

They’re all just little wishes,

Not deal breakers, he doesn’t think…

I adore love shows on TV. Love is Blind. Love Island. Married at First Sight. Give me any of them and I’ll lap it up. It’s probably because I feel I need to believe in it.

I think that if we have been hurt, we need to hold onto that dream that it can actually work. And shows like Love is Blind are offering us a glimpse into real life relationships and offering us the fairy tale.

They show us that love and a real partnership is always going to be hard, but it also shows us that these quick but intense encounters can forge bonds that are very real. And these are the things that we can actually feel through the screen.

Not everyone gets the chance to have deep and meaningful conversations and propose before we even meet, but we do all have the opportunities to build those relationships in the real world.

That gives me a little bit of hope when I sometimes find myself feeling really broken.

Much Love

Rachel xx