that little glimmer of hope

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It’s tiny sometimes,

A mere pin point,

But yes, it’s there.

In there between the grit and dust,

We find the sparkles needed to,

Spur us on to levels few

Have reached but those like me and you.

I was in marking hell today. And there was a lot of really bad stuff that I had to trawl through. And because I’m the one teaching them I tend to take it out on myself. They haven’t ‘got it’ because of me; because I’m terrible.

But then you get to the twentieth book and one of the students has nailed it. They couldn’t have done that without you, so you know that actually you’re not as bad as you first thought.

I did have a handful of really good ones and they warmed my heart; I felt like a proud parent. And I felt proud of myself because I’ve officially taught three people what they should know. That’s three whole people I’ve made a difference to in the last part of this crappy year.

There is a silver lining to every cloud.

Much Love

Rachel xx