chinese whispers

I think almost everyone in the UK watches Married At First Sight. The Australian version is on at the moment and it trends on Twitter


a return to normal service

standing woman facing a speeding train
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We will now be returning to normal service

Said the man over the loud speaker,

Everyone looking at their watches, irritated

That they’re already late as a winter wind

Howls through the platform, forcing their coats

To be pulled a little tighter. The train rattles in

And the comforting hiss of hiss of the brakes

And the swish of the opening doors, it soothes

Those nerves that were ragged and frayed.

I’m one of those people who need routine and structure in their life, so when something changes, I feel a bit out of my depth. When I worked at the petrol station I always baked the croissants first, as soon as I got in they were put in the oven. When they told me I had to start baking the cookies first, I suddenly felt really wonky.

It actually frightened me how unsettled I became after such a minor change in the structure to my day. Of course, we’ve all had to get used to routines changing over the past two years so it’s something I’m grappling with all the time.

My dad contracted COVID two weeks ago and so he couldn’t come over to visit for a while. He comes over every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday without fail, and for the past few weeks that has obviously stopped.

Today, he came over for the first time since he got sick and it just felt so nice – so comforting. We sat watching Married at First Sight and laughed at all the crazies even though both of us want to be on that show.

It felt like normal service had resumed, and that is the nicest feeling in the world.

Much Love

Rachel xx

love on tv

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He stands at the altar, waiting

For his bride, he knows his type,

Blonde with blue eyes, definitely no taller

Than 5 foot 5. She probably needs

To like running marathons and listening

To drum and bass music, but of course,

They’re all just little wishes,

Not deal breakers, he doesn’t think…

I adore love shows on TV. Love is Blind. Love Island. Married at First Sight. Give me any of them and I’ll lap it up. It’s probably because I feel I need to believe in it.

I think that if we have been hurt, we need to hold onto that dream that it can actually work. And shows like Love is Blind are offering us a glimpse into real life relationships and offering us the fairy tale.

They show us that love and a real partnership is always going to be hard, but it also shows us that these quick but intense encounters can forge bonds that are very real. And these are the things that we can actually feel through the screen.

Not everyone gets the chance to have deep and meaningful conversations and propose before we even meet, but we do all have the opportunities to build those relationships in the real world.

That gives me a little bit of hope when I sometimes find myself feeling really broken.

Much Love

Rachel xx