junk mail musings

multi coloured wooden mailbox mounted on door
Photo by Carlos Cuadros on Pexels.com

Scattered over lino floors, in multicoloured piles,

Covered in the kitty litter, kicked from battered trays.

I dust it off and shuffle into straighter lines,

They set me off just wondering what life would be

Fishing through the ads for blinds and credit cards,

The pizzas calling out to me, for dinner, tea,

No reason really; they just exist to taunt my mind

If I could have those fancy blinds, the half price couch

The bowls of noodle soup, and black bean sauce

That come with free delivery. I haven’t even

Taken off my high heeled shoes, sitting on the stairs.

They’ll all go in the bin, eventually,

But not until I’ve dreamed….

i wish i worked here

She wiped down sticky tabletops

And cleared away the plates and coffee cups.

Aching feet and creaking back,

She wondered when she’d get her break.

She wondered when her knight in shining armour

Would come charging through the door,

When she would be able to hang her apron up

And live a life of shopping trips and luncheon dates.

And then she saw her huddled in a corner booth,

An older lady, wearing furs and draped in frosty diamonds.

“We’re closing up,” she called, eager to get out on time.

The woman raised her red and puffy face,

Streaked with quiet tears that screamed of pain.

“I’m going, dear,” she said, dabbing at her eyes.

“You’ll never know how lucky you are working here,”

She smiled and stood, throwing money down to pay.

“I wish that I could have a life so simple and so……

Nice,” she said after a little pause.

The bell above the door tinkled as she left,

And she wondered what it was that lady could have meant.

I often spend time wondering what it must be like to have lots of money and not have to work my crappy retail job. I imagine that people who have this life I dream of must have no worries at all. But deep down, I also know that this is rubbish. Everyone has problems and in some ways my life is so nice BECAUSE it is so uncomplicated. Perhaps if I had money I would be worrying about my health or worrying that people are only friends with me for my money.

I think that we really need to remember that we are all human and we all have the same number of struggles, they can just look a bit different from the outside. And just because someone has money, it doesn’t mean that their pain is any less valid than somebody who is struggling to get by.

Next time you find yourself wishing that you were better off, or that your problems are far worse than others, try to think of some of the positive things in your life. And then remind yourself that we are ALL struggling so don’t think that because someone has gone on a nice holiday, that they are exempt from feeling emotional pain. We are all human and we are all on this journey together, so let’s help each other along rather than wishing we were in another person’s shoes.

Much Love,

Rachel xx