sleepless in seattle – part two

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The lift door closes as they stand

Smiling, hand in hand

And then they make it

To the frosty New York street

And find a coffee shop

Talking over life and love

They meet again in just a week

And married in a month

They have a kid

Almost get divorced

And Jonah tells them that they need

To remember how they met

The romance that could make

A movie plot, and so they kiss

And age together in a wedded bliss.

I just watched Sleepless in Seattle for like the millionth time. But in all fairness, I hadn’t watched it in quite a few years, and I had almost forgotten just how much I love it.

I know we got a second movie with the Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks combo in the shape of You’ve Got Mail, but we never got a real sequel to follow on from the moment when the lift doors closed on Sam, Jonah and Annie. Did Annie move to Seattle? Did they get married? Are they still together? And what happened to Walter?

I do believe that now is the time to start a petition to get the Hollywood movie execs to think about a follow up. Who’s with me? Who do we get in touch with to make this happen?

Much Love

Rachel xx

what is love – serendipity

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There’s something solid there

That we can touch and feel

But first you must believe

That power’s in the air.

It’s sent from God, directed

In our way our ‘one’ is put

And twist and turn all you want

But he was meant to be.

I feel like ‘what is love?’ is a question that I ask myself regularly. I think that if I could be bothered to trawl through my past posts, I would find a couple of them with that title or something similar. But there is so much scope to write about because life is all about love if you boil it right down.

Not necessarily the romantic type. But love is central to almost everything in our lives.

I’ve always believed that love is a physical thing and I think that once it has hooked you in there is no escaping. It is a power that is sent by something bigger than us.

And I totally believe it’s a lot like the movie ‘Serendipity’. If two people are meant to be together then it will just happen and there is no getting away from that.

I haven’t had much luck with romantic love, but I really like to think that there are little clockwork mechanisms that are ticking away so that everything lines up for one moment. There’s somebody out there who I have never met who is slowly being pulled my way – or so I like to think in my romantic little mind.

Much Love

Rachel xx