Glastonbury on a sunny day

two women embracing surrounded by crowd
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The Pyramid Stage rises from the ground,

A jagged tooth protruding upwards,

Releasing golden stars in sparkly costumes

Skipping through the summer sunset haze.

The flags on poles as long as fishing rods

Wave in slow mo time, the breeze

Fluttering through them to the music beat,

And girls will sit on shoulders of

Their boyfriends as they sip from cans

Of beer warmed by the evening sun.

They’re all here for the music though;

To hear the classic tunes as stars look down

And fireworks fly into an inky sky

With key change times that bring that tears

To crowds lost in this hedonistic world.

music & lyrics

white cassette tape
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The words flow from aching pens

That need somewhere to empty out,

It doesn’t matter that no one understands

What the yellow brick road may be

Or why Mars is bad for parenting

But somehow we all pin our sadness to

The lyrics sung with pain for us,

We’ve all had that click of the door

Closing behind him as he leaves

Or heard that earthy gasp as she finally slips away,

They just help us all to be more human for

The people that we love and hate,

In a world we know will never make much sense.

I always wonder what artists were thinking about or what they were going through when they wrote specific lyrics. I know that Elton John had a lot of his lyrics written for him but his songs are always particularly poignant for me.

The funny thing is that we all attach meaning to song lyrics dependent on what we have been through. A song that reminds someone of a break up could be all about finding love for somebody else. I mean, what is the yellow brick road? Is it good or bad that we are saying goodbye to it? It really depends on what you are going through when you listen.

I guess it comes from my love of literature, picking any words apart and trying to understand what they meant when they were written. I bet there are some pretty amazing stories behind some lyrics that we will never come to know…. but, oh, how I wish we did.

Much Love

Rachel xx