shall we talk?

dry leafless trees in foggy woodland
Photo by Luca Paul on

Shall we talk about love on cotton clouds

On beds of pines that softly press below the feet

And shall we talk about the day we split

As branches pare from steadfast trunks

That dug their roots so many years ago

We’ll always walk like ghostly prints

Left behind in forests where the children run

We wish we’d made more effort to

Make permanent the words we spoke

Things we did, the skin we touched

But that’s as far as we can dream

On rainy afternoons we live like these.

if you go down to the woods today

After just posting that I rarely have my camera on me I went out for a walk with my phone and made a special effort to take so photos.

We have a beautiful forest not far from us, where we often go for a walk. At this time of year it is always at its most beautiful, with the leaves turning all shades of yellow and gold.

It only holds its colour for about two weeks and then the leaves are blown away. The only other time in the year that the forest is quite so magical is when the sun comes out in the spring and we get a carpet of bluebells.

I’m so thankful that I have such perfect scenery around me and places that I can escape to when I’m struggling with life. The fresh air and the birdsong is enough to lift anyone’s spirits.


She’d never had a garden to

Love and tend on summer days,

And so she lost control of it.

The weeds came up and strangled out

The plants another owner once did plant.

The thorns became a tangled mess

And winter long she mourned the loss

Of the garden’s gift to her.

But when the sun began to cast

Its golden fingers on the world

She saw that there was beauty to be found

In the unruly plot acquired.

Bumbles bees flitted through

And flowers grew

In marvellous periwinkle blue.

She ran her hands across those weeds

And pondered why anyone

Would ever want to rid the world

Of something quite so wonderful.

spring is quite beautiful this year, don’t you think?

The white dusting on the road

Is not from snow but from

The blossom on the trees.

Starry eyed against the azure sky,

More beautiful than any other year

Or is it just the circumstance

That makes the contrast great?

As a runner I do love to get out in nature and I do really appreciate the countryside that I have around me. But there is something about the spring time this year that is more vibrant than any other year.

The blossom on the trees seem a little brighter, the daffodils a bit brighter and the sun a little warmer. I know we are getting gorgeous weather for this time of year but even so?

I think that it’s down to the fact that I’m appreciating my short amount of time outside. We all suddenly want things when they are taken away from us and I think that this is no exception.

Think of when you go on a diet and all of a sudden chocolate and cakes are the only things that you can think about. Or when you give up drinking and all you can think about is a G&T. Now we are being told that we are only allowed an hour in the sun and all I want to do is run through the trees and roll on the grass (yes, really).

There’s not really much we can do to fix this except really try to embrace and enjoy that precious time we do have. And to look forward to the day when we have our freedom back. It will come and it will be an amazing day.

Much Love

Rachel xx