the drain on the nhs

She arrived at the hospital, staggering boldly,

But under her own steam.

The receptionist eyed her cautiously,

The vomit down her t-shirt still tacky and wet.

I need help, she said, slumping down.

I’m sorry, she cried. I’m just a drain on the system,

A drain on the world.

The waiting room stopped and stared

At her figure so broken, pathetically heaped

Into a plastic chair, crying into hands

Chapped and bleeding with years of abuse.

Nobody seems to care that her story is sad

But the nurses will be a friend and a therapist,

Coaxing her into a bed, and taking the time to understand.

They are the angels that never will judge.

They know too well that she isn’t a drain on a system so broken,

She just needs a hand, that is friendly and helping.

It’s the system that’s drained this poor girl.

let’s all give our heroes a big round of applause (tonight at 8pm)

We read it in the history books,

About the day they stepped outside

And sang as one to toast the loved

Who’d helped us through the tougher times.

They opened doors and windows,

Peeping out from bright lit halls.

The sound they made was that of angel song.

It drifted through the clear Spring air,

Until it reached the hospitals and shops,

The places where the people worked

To keep the nation going.

Tonight at 8pm the British public are being asked to step outside their houses and clap for the people who are keeping the nation running in this time of crisis. There are, of course, our wonderful NHS workers who are working at the forefront of it all. But there are also the food manufacturers, the delivery drivers, the shop workers and a myriad of other people still working hard.

I think it’s a bit of a shame that I haven’t seen this spread around a bit more because I think that lots of people would love to show their appreciation. And in a time when we are all feeling really isolated, it is an opportunity for us all to feel united in something safely.

I don’t know if any of you have watched any of the videos that are circulating at the moment but the ones that show thousands of people leaning from their balconies and singing together are the ones that give me chills. They are so powerful.

My favourite of them all is one that I saw yesterday. A little girl in the UK was celebrating her birthday and obviously couldn’t have people over so the neighbours all came out onto their doorsteps and hung out of their windows to sing happy birthday. The whole street appeared to join in and it was such a beautiful moment that I’m sure she’ll remember for the rest of her life.

I know I only have a teeny, tiny following of a few hundred but I just want to do my bit and ask you to spare the time to go out and clap and cheer at 8pm, tonight (Thursday 26th March). Hopefully, if nothing else, it will lift the spirits of the people in your tiny part of the world.

Much Love

Rachel xx