a night out at the roller rink

I keep getting adverts come up on my Facebook feed for vintage style roller skates and every fibre in my body wants to buy a pair.


the little black book

black pencil on white paper
Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels.com

She could take down the town

With the names in that book,

Those names up in lights

Who’ve so much to lose.

But what makes her write

Those names and those numbers

That could shine a bright light

On all that is wrong

With the world that we know.

I’m watching the Ruby Wax programme and in it she returns to all of her most famous interviews from the 90’s. I felt particularly drawn to the interview she did with Heidi Fleiss who I had never actually heard of before.

She was a madame who hooked up the richest and most powerful men with the most beautiful women, for who knows what.

It interested me because they referred to her little black book that could have brought down the town. It was interesting because she was due to go to prison for what she was doing, and when I look at the world today, I wonder if anything would have played out differently now?

I wonder if the #metoo movement would have protected her and uncovered the men? And I wonder what made her get into that business? Was the power and money, really worth it? And would it be worth it now? I wonder what I would do with a little black book that had all that power?

So many questions…

Much Love

Rachel xx

blockbuster video

couple love sitting evening
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

We slipped inside the door, and parted

In our silent ways, to sections favoured

Since our childhood days.

You to horror, me to comedies

Filled with men I’d had on posters on my wall

In teenage years, before we came to be.

I’d run my fingers down the spines

Of long lost classics hidden in the shelves

And gather in my arms, the coke and chips,

The popcorn for the night.

Now I pass the empty building,

Sale sign hanging ominously,

Wishing I could browse those aisles for one last time

Rather than the senseless tiles

Inside my Netflix app.