the christmas party (a poem)

The wine is left on tables groaning with the weight

And Colin slugs the dregs of Chardonnay

While Lisa photocopies, industriously,

Boobs and bums, sniggering as sheets pour out,

A laser stripe illuminates the room.

And then there’s Carole singing songs

On the karaoke box, brought by someone in good faith

That it is fun and wouldn’t cause a scene.

But Charles and Millie barely notice from the dark

Corners of the office block, where they kiss

And grope and do unmentionables

While grown men cry into their beers

And wish they’d made a better choice in life

So this tragic night’s not burnt into their memories.

In another life they’d be the masters of their universe

And better parties, better women, better money

Would be why those rose each day,

Not this party we all know, that we all wish

Would disappear, with headaches left from too much booze.