when the world comes together

When the world comes together

In a flurry of flags that flap in the wind

And a torch that will burn brightly

For days while the heroes

Show us mere mortals what the body can do.

Marvel at their talent and cry

When they win, when they lose,

When they trail off the plane with medals in hand,

Hugging their families who have missed them so much;

It was worth all that effort

And we thank them with love for what they have done.

I saw this video a moment ago and I was in bits by the end of it. I love the Olympics and I tend to get quite emotional over it at the best of times. But having had it postponed and then having no spectators, with all of the struggles that the athletes must have gone through to get there; well that just added to the feels.

I’m really thankful to the athletes for giving us two weeks worth of highs and lows. You were all awesome and I can’t wait to see what they all do in Paris in three years time. It’s amazing what can be achieved when the world comes together.

Much Love

Rachel xx