Piers Morgan

It could go round and round in circles

Forever and a day,

If we shout at him and he shouts back.

But what are we actually achieving?

If I had even an ounce of influence

I’d try to wade right in

Like a teacher in the playground

Pulling apart the rowdy boys.

I don’t want to engage or take sides

I just want it all to stop!

I want to put my fingers in my ears

And shout lalalalalala really loud.

Piers needs to be quiet, put in the corner

To think about things he has said and he’s done

But we need to stop this brawling as well.

And if you refuse after a little time out,

I’ll take away Twitter like that last toy you lost.

So please, play nice Piers

And you play nice too.

I hate to write about specific people because I don’t generally like to throw my opinion of others out there into the world. It’s my opinion and it should probably remain in the confines of my own brain.

However, Piers Morgan is a strange kind of character who thrives on the fight so I’m sure he wouldn’t mind little old me writing a poem. Because reading his Twitter feed is like reading the rantings of a small child in a playground and it just brought out the teacher in me. I felt like I just needed to wade in, not to give my opinion, but to break up the fight.

And I think that this tackles the main problem with the internet and social media. We can blame people like Piers for all the toxic hate, but really the people reacting to him are just fanning the flames and are sometimes being quite vile themselves.

I think that sometimes we need to just drop our weapons and start speaking to people like they are humans that deserve respect. Or, failing that, please don’t say anything at all.

Let’s leave Piers in the corner having a little hissy fit, while all of us go and have some fun being nice and sharing our toys. Who’s with me? Piers, we’re here when you’re ready to calm down and join us….

Much Love

Rachel xx