the me you can’t see – prince harry

We all have that side, that we keep buried deep

In the darkest of caverns, even digging would not

Uncover that me that hurts every day.

She hurts but she’s real and she takes on the shapes

Of a person with corners and edges and lines

That change when they’re sanded by words.

I keep her hidden as much as I can,

Out of shame or embarrassment, she stays tucked away

And we all have to hope that there isn’t a time

When it all gets too much and she bursts from behind

That carefully crafted mask that’s glued into place,

Because she’ll tear down the curtains

And splatter the walls with paint and those stains

That tell stories of anger

And a past that was buried with the deepest of love.

I just watched the first part of the documentary series that was produced by Oprah and the Sussexes. I know that in the UK the Sussexes have been slagged off for everything they have done since stepping down as royals, but having watched the interview, I get the impression that a lot of the people slagging them off haven’t even watched the interview.

The main argument against them seems to be that they are being horrible to his family and that they are constantly in the media even though they wanted a quiet life. However, they have only done three or four interviews and they do have to actually earn money! If they are to actually live they need to do something and if the newspapers won’t stop running stories on them then it’s pretty hard for them to just disappear.

Then we have to look at what material they are sending out into the world and I think that most of the time they are actually saying things that are really helpful to people. The documentary that I just watched was really positive and the parts where Harry ‘criticized’ the way that his family behave were much more about the trauma that we all carry rather than an all out attack on his father.

I think we all need to step back and actually listen to what people say rather than consume it through the lens that the newspapers offer us. Some of the comments I read online are sickening and I wonder how they must feel if they read any of it.

I think a lot more people actually need to watch The Me You Can’t See because it opens a window into the struggles of people who are successful and much loved.

And let’s stop being so horrible to people we don’t even know. Just because Harry is rich and privileged, it doesn’t mean that he can’t struggle like the rest of us.

Much Love

Rachel xx

heroes and villains

wonder woman illustration
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You cannot love both Batman and the Joker,

Or Ariel and Ursula.

It doesn’t work that way, says someone

High up in the world.

For us to make our money you must hate,

No matter what the cost.

We must pretend these human beings are

From comic books and films,

Not flesh and blood with feelings hurt,

Just like you and I.

Sorry. I’ll probably be harping on about this interview for quite a while because I like to write about feelings and there was just so much to unpick in what was said.

One of the huge things that I felt was said very early on was that Meghan couldn’t understand why there had to be a hero and a villain out of her and Kate. I have sometimes quite flippantly said ‘I’m on Team Kate’ not really thinking about the implications. If I’m on Team Kate, I’m insinuating that Meghan is the rival and to be hated.

Why can’t we love both of them? They are both really strong women and they are beautiful and intelligent, so why can’t they just be equal? It’s no wonder women are scared to go for positions of power when they know that they will be pitted against each other and vilified for doing it.

So, from now on, I don’t have a Team. I just listen and try to feel empathy. Who knows what went on behind closed doors; it’s not really our business. What matters is that we look after two women that have had a really tough time.

Much Love

Rachel xx

…..thoughts on that interview

How dare she make a fuss,

Rock the boat

When she must bathe in bubbles of

The very best champagne?

Try being just like one of us,

The ones with problems that are ‘real’.

But what is real when families

Are called upon and fail?

Everyone can feel that pain,

The sort that money cannot soothe.

So, I could write for about six weeks on the theme of that interview and I haven’t even seen it yet. From what we have seen here in the UK, there is so much that we can have an opinion on, whether we should be airing those opinions or not.

I love all royals and I love Harry and Meghan so I’m not on a side. I hope that all of them find happiness so it makes me really sad to see people dig in. I might write about the Kate vs Meghan issue later, but I want to touch on people’s negative attitudes towards Meghan and the pain that she has felt.

She brought up a lot about mental health and most people were very sympathetic to her in the Twitterverse. But I did notice that there was a little bit of backlash because she has money, and I’d seen it months ago when they did the documentary before they left the royal family.

It seems that for some people, if you have money, you are not allowed to feel pain. Money should get rid of all that, apparently.

I saw one person write something along the lines of ‘try being a single mum in Birmingham, and then tell me about having a hard time’. I thought that was such a horrible thing to say. This woman has been dragged through the mud VERY publicly and she has lost family and friends as it has played out.

If we work on the theory that money solves all problems, we can safely say that here in the UK nobody has the right to experience any mental health issues because we are a lot richer than people in developing countries. We all know that’s a load of twaddle, so why would people even suggest that’s the case?

I just hope that the family can find peace somewhere in this mess that they have become tangled up in. Their pain is just as real as the pain us ‘commoners’ experience. It’s unfortunately a part of being a human being.

Much Love

Rachel xx

oooooh, this is like a disaster movie

Violins, strike a fearful chord

As lights are dimmed and we all feel

Like we are trapped in chambers beating

With the flood of chemicals.

There really isn’t any need

But drama is inevitable.

OMG, I saw the ‘trailer’ for the Meghan and Harry interview and almost died today. I will most definitely be watching when it is aired in the UK but mostly because I don’t know what to expect.

I love the royals and I also love Meghan and I sometimes feel like the media wants us to like one or the other. In my humble opinion, I think that both do a lot of good and anyone who is making lives just a little bit better is doing a good thing.

However, the royals doing interviews never seems to end well and so I’m a little bit nervous about watching this. I really hope that it’s not laid on too thick and makes them just look like victims, because I don’t think that’s a fair representation of them.

The American TV stations do have a habit of trying to make things way more dramatic than they need to. I could feel my heart rate increasing as I watched this very dramatic teaser. They even had movie-esque music to build up the tension.

Whether this is an inspired decision or it turn out to be a hot mess, we won’t know until we actually see it and get to see how the press and the Twitterverse decide to react. I just hope that it does go well for them. And I hope that it works out equally as well for the royals still over here and working as royals. It would be a shame if anyone gets harmed because of this.

Much Love

Rachel xx