it was quieter than she expected

It was quiet, much quieter than she expected

When he stumbled into her life

All Levi jeans and winter boots,

A musky scent, filling our space.

She was expecting fireworks, a flash mob

With everyone dancing and a fluttering heart,

But instead

He pulled back the strand of hair

That often fell across her eyes

And whispered into her ear

‘I like your smile, and you made me laugh.

Can I take you out for a glass of wine,

And we’ll just see where this thing goes?’

the cherry on the top

I had a bit of a tough week at work this week, and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. So, I was slogging my way through my final lesson on Friday


the book club meeting

We have a staff book club at work and I absolutely love going to it. Obviously we don’t drink wine, but we do have snacks and chocolates


the pool party

Bikinis cut high on the thigh

As ladies sip at sex on the beach

And men take slugs of lager drinks,

Eyeing each other up, wandering

What could happen when the sun goes down.

But while the heat of of noon day stings

Girls climb on lads’ shoulders, throwing balls

Over volleyball nets. And a cute couple

Hide in a corner, kissing in shade

Feeling invisible and wrapped in love.

But as darkness falls and the music lowers

Pills and joints appear from pockets

And conversations turn to something deep,

Like life after death, and what’s written in the stars?

They fall asleep, wrapped in towels,

Arms and legs all tangled as they breathe

In unison, not knowing what the dawn will bring.