first job nerves

My son is takinga year out between college and university so he is currently applying for his first job. He didn’t bother getting a weekend


the cone of shame

My cat keeps getting into fights and he has also started weeing on my stuff. The urinating has been the final straw, and now I think it’s time


a level results day

It’s A Level results day here in the UK, so students who are waiting to go off to University found out whether they would be going to their


Lonely roads

I went up to Yorkshire last week with the intention of doing a cross country run/walk. I only made it a third of the way before my feet


the ghost pier

The ghosts and ghouls swish through struts

Made of metal rusted with the homely age

Of Whitby wind and sea salt sting,

A million memories from the days of sailing ships

And ladies, promenading with parasols

Long gone, but apparitions still remain

Underneath the angry, rolling clouds.

limted bandwidth

I’m going on a really long solo hike this weekend and I’m really nervous. Every event I have done in the past has been well supported


the dodgy politician

He has a mask, a smile unnatural

In the way it fails to crack despite attacks,

He waves, but he seems so dead

Behind the eyes, like he’s realised

The mistakes he’s made but can’t admit.

I imagine a team of people in the background

Cringing as he stands for photos, trying

To make it look like he’s down with the kids,

Like he knows what it’s like to be one of us,

And not the son of a billionnaire.

internet shopping

I’m normally so economical with my money, but recently I’ve found myself getting sucked into internet shopping. It starts with just a Kindle


travelling by train

I’m going up to Lancashire next week and I’ve booked to go by train. It’s a four hour journey so I plan to listen to some audiobooks and maybe