the reunion show

I really love a good reunion show. They always seem to be presented by the same man, who sits in the centre of a semi circle of sofas,


a change of use for the tennis courts

green tennis ball on court
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How long are two years, and yet how short?

When twenty four months can bring so much change

I think as I walk through the tennis courts

Way too expensive to play on, in another life,

I would dream of setting foot on the polished green,

Watching the women married to bankers,

Kids in the creche, never worked a day in their life.

But now, things are so different; I can walk

Through the nets and sit down with sleeve

Rolled to my shoulder for a vaccine we didn’t

Know we would need, but that was before,

When those courts underfoot were way out of reach.

I went to have my booster vaccine the other day and it was on the tennis courts attached to a really fancy hotel in my home town. They are indoor courts and the kind of place where rich kids go to have private lessons on Saturday mornings. In short, it’s a place I normally don’t belong.

But the world isn’t normal any more, is it?

It is strange though, that I felt a little bit like I was trespassing into a world that I don’t belong in. I even had a laugh with Noah when I left, saying that I should have had my vaccine out on the outdoor courts in the wind and the rain.

This brave new world is opening unexpected new doors – both good and bad.

Much Love

Rachel xx