first job nerves

My son is takinga year out between college and university so he is currently applying for his first job. He didn’t bother getting a weekend


the night shift

Darkness comes and so should sleep

But I belong to that special breed

That’s creeping out at the edge of night

To start the working day.

The twilight zone is where I live,

When all the rest are fast asleep

I reside in worlds devoid of colour,

Light is lost, save for strips

That run the length of shop

That buzzes with the sound

Of refrigeration units and

Unfortunately, not much human voice.

It’s a lonely, tiring life,

But still I trudge as moon breaks through

To start the shift that few will do.

Not going to lie, I’m knackered. I have been working nights for two years now and it’s really starting to take its toll. It’s tough to work on the opposite schedule to almost everybody else you know and no matter how hard you try, you never seem to get enough sleep. I hope that soon I’ll be able to give up and qualify as a teacher so I can go back to working days and knowing that I’ll have weekends off!

I’ve just finished working six out of the last seven nights and so I’m looking forward to a bit of time off. I feel exhausted and it’s making me a tad emotional. It’s made even harder by the fact that everyone is under pressure at the moment because of the current circumstances.

If you are struggling at work, I really hope that you have the strength to get through this really tough period. Remember, there’s always something bigger and better waiting right around the corner, you just need to hang on and appreciate the things that you do have at this time. For me, I just need sleep!

Much Love

Rachel xx