the audition that brings chills

group of people raise their hands on stadium
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She steps out on the stage

Looking sheepish, in jeans

And a crazy tie dye shirt,

They all think she will be

A little non-descript, a bore

And then the music starts,

The audience all hold her their breath

And out comes magic, bringing chills

Until the final note and then,

They roar, on their feet,

Something otherworldly happened here.

There are talent contests the world over and everybody loves them, if only to vegetate in front of on a Saturday night when you don’t have the energy to turn the channel over.

But on nearly every episode of those programmes, there is always one contestant who always manages to blow away the whole audience and probably everyone else watching at home.

For me it is always a singer, just because you can never tell what voice is going to come out of any given body. On BGT tonight, there was a nine year old who sang like she was thirty and when she hit that high note you could feel the goosebumps coming up on your arms.

I’m not even one who gets all that sentimental over those programmes because I think that they are full of sob stories that just aim to play with the emotions of people who have had too many pinots on a Saturday night. But secretly, deep down, I really love that moment when the whole audience stands up as one. It’s magical.

Much Love

Rachel xx