Bloody IT Department

laptop on desk near lush houseplant
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I know it’s really not fair to pick

On the department that bears the brunt of all

Our disgruntled grumbles and our emotional calls

When that useless lump of plastic that sits on our desk

Won’t do exactly what we ask of it,

And we spew out out a torrent of angry expletives

We wish we could call back, forget their existence,

But still we’d remember the heart wrenching moments

When Word wouldn’t open and spreadsheets didn’t save,

Because when have the computers ever behaved?

So, I’m going through the inevitable IT teething problems that always come with a new job. I am on my third day and I think that I’ve just about got the most important bits sorted, but there have been a few moments when I thought that something may be launched at my screen.

I am making it my mission to be nice to the IT department though. If people get as worked up as I do, I am sure that they get the most abuse out of all the departments in any school, hospital or business in the world.

I mean, really; they must be harassed by angry people all day long. People just thrusting their laptops in front of them and demanding that they fix everything.

So my lesson to you today is to be nice to your IT department. They must put up with enough without you and me making their day any worse.

Much Love

Rachel xx