the marking mountain

Two weeks ago, I set all my classes an assessment task, which is all well and good until I remember that means I’ve just given myself 150 books


falling over the finish line

Falling over that line, chalked on the ground

With a wonderful impermanence, you know

It will fade after one rainy day, but for now

It’s a wonderful kind of bliss,

It’s falling in bed, wrapped in a duvet

And closing your eyes when they’re heavy with sleep,

Knowing the alarm is silent tomorrow.

I finished school today and I’ve never felt so thrilled to reach ‘annual leave’ of any kind. This has been a term in a new school, which is hard enough. And then I’ve had illness to contend with. There was one point when I genuinely wasn’t sure I was going to live to Christmas.

So reaching the end of today was the sweetest feeling ever. I know that after Christmas, the evenings get lighter, and day by day life feels a little more pleasant – if only because I’m getting a little more Vitamin D.

But for now, I will be retiring to bed and you’ll be lucky to see me emerging any time before noon. To all the teachers out there, enjoy your break, you deserve it (as do all the nurses, doctors, ambulance workers, shop workers and everyone else who has to work super hard at theis time of year.)

Much Love

Rachel xx