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I am sorry to admit that I am a massive fan of Selling Sunset on Netflix. I am well aware that it is staged and that half of the dramas have been


the boss lady

person in gray skirt
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She strides in through the glassy doors,

Stripper heels and skirts so short that clients

Cannot help but take a second glance, the hope

That maybe they can get a little bit of that.

But she’s untouchable, it’s all for show,

That bleach blonde hair and lips in killer red,

The outfits made in neon green and violent blue,

They’re just for her and not for you.

She knows exactly what she’s doing, what she wants,

It’s money and it’s power that the housewives

Of the 1920s dreamed on their sunny afternoons,

Hoping for a day when they could be the lady boss,

But look how long it took; look at what it cost.

I’m sure I’m not the only one bingeing on Selling Sunset at the moment. The series follows a group of women who sell houses to billionaires in LA; and it’s compulsive watching.

But, it’s the power of these women that fascinates me. We talk about women still being weak and it’s true that there are mot enough women in the boardroom, but this show does paint a different picture.

I don’t think I’d ever want to be those women on the show; the maintenance required to look like that and behave like that must be immense. However, I sometimes dream of being one of them, just for a day. To be that beautiful, that confident and that rich would feel a bit like being in a fairytale.

I just couldn’t keep that up so I think I’ll just stick with the teaching and leave all that money to the professionals!

Much Love

Rachel xx