don’t let me get me

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It hits you normally, when you’re driving,

Inevitably it will be raining

Just to add to the broody mood.

And then you cry, the day hitting you

Like a double decker bus and you know

That you need some Pink to heal those wounds,

And you know that other drivers

Look at you like you’re mad as you belt out

Don’t Let Me Get Me, with tears streaming

Wondering what’s the point; what’s the meaning

If not to sing those classics

At the top of your broken little voice?

I was driving home the other day and I was feeling a bit flat; that was until the radio presenter put Don’t Let Me Get Me by Pink on. My reaction to it was instant. It was an almost primal reaction that just forced to me sing.

I was born in the mid eighties so when Pink and Britney and NSync were all at their peak in the early 2000’s, I like to think I was also at my peak. So, whenever I hear those bangers, I’m instantly taken back to being 16 or 17 and feeling like I had the world at my feet.

And then Pink is just the perfect artist to shout an cry to. I’m sure anyone who pulled up alongside me at the traffic lights must have thought I was mad.

Not so long ago, I watched an interview with Megan Fox and she said that if you are feeling anxious and you feel like the ground is swallowing you whole, listen to some early Britney and everything will be OK- nobody can die while listening to Oops I Did It Again.

I normally wouldn’t take my life advice from Megan Fox, but I feel like that is solid advice to live by. So there is now a Britney / Pink / Christina playlist in the car, ready to go for those anxious days.

Much Love

Rachel xx

the safety of the car

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The sun will brush its fingers at the glass,

But all I feel is warmth.

The angry people beep their horns,

But all I hear is music.

The job I’m driving to is killing me inside,

But all I do is sing.

And I’ve got too many bills to pay this month,

But in my car those threatening envelopes

Flutter from the open windows on a motorway,

A flurry of the paper snow

That swings us down to epic lows.

I finished work early today as it was the final day of term. It was lovely to jump in my car in the daylight hours and get home before I had to turn my headlights on.

But what was more satisfying was putting the radio on and listening to Jeremy Vine. That sounds a bit sad, but I do have my reasons.

I used to work in the afternoons from 1-6pm and on my way to work I would listen to Jeremy Vine. It was during the time immediately after I left a really awful job and the relief after leaving it was immense.

After having a really tough time, I felt like I had been caught in a really soft cloud and somehow Jeremy’s voice has become synonymous with relief; hearing it makes me feel like I’ve just been allowed to take a deep breath after having been forced to go without air for far too long.

It was only as I drove home today that I remembered just how relaxed I felt in those days. Perhaps it’s also because I feel like I’m gasping for breath after the trauma of my first term teaching?!

Much Love

Rachel xx