spring is quite beautiful this year, don’t you think?

The white dusting on the road

Is not from snow but from

The blossom on the trees.

Starry eyed against the azure sky,

More beautiful than any other year

Or is it just the circumstance

That makes the contrast great?

As a runner I do love to get out in nature and I do really appreciate the countryside that I have around me. But there is something about the spring time this year that is more vibrant than any other year.

The blossom on the trees seem a little brighter, the daffodils a bit brighter and the sun a little warmer. I know we are getting gorgeous weather for this time of year but even so?

I think that it’s down to the fact that I’m appreciating my short amount of time outside. We all suddenly want things when they are taken away from us and I think that this is no exception.

Think of when you go on a diet and all of a sudden chocolate and cakes are the only things that you can think about. Or when you give up drinking and all you can think about is a G&T. Now we are being told that we are only allowed an hour in the sun and all I want to do is run through the trees and roll on the grass (yes, really).

There’s not really much we can do to fix this except really try to embrace and enjoy that precious time we do have. And to look forward to the day when we have our freedom back. It will come and it will be an amazing day.

Much Love

Rachel xx