standing on the precipice

I love conversations where I question what it is to be human. I think it’s why I do have my anxious moments; I start thinking about these things and then realise that I’m feeling like I am standing on the edge of a cliff. It’s a strange feeling to go from laughing about what the colour purple might taste like, to realising that life is undefinable.

It doesn’t help that I’m really tired and a little bit stressed but I always seem to be having those strange staff room conversations where we consider whether the Matrix is real and we are all just plugged into a giant X-Box.

I probably need to lay off the running because it’s making my brain turn into mush, but I also fear that I don’t understand enough about being human. Really we know sweet FA about why we are here other than to be kind and make other people’s lives a little bit better for being in it.

Now I’m off to ponder if we all see colours differently and where I see green leaves you see pink. #iamshooketh

Much Love

Rachel xx