why exactly did you stay?

I just finished listening to the audiobook of Why did you stay? by Rebecca Humphries, and it opened up a lot of questions in my own


beautiful blackpool ballroom

palace interior
Photo by Benni Fish on Pexels.com

The chandelier, a beauty

Winking at us in the reddish light

Watching as we sail across

A perfect sea, a dancing floor

Made for jive and waltzes

Flowing gowns that feather out

And final poses as the music ends.

It’s Blackpool Week on Strictly Come Dancing this week. I don’t know a lot about dancing, but even I know that Blackpool is a Mecca for balroom dancers all over the world. And so, even I find the spectacle something to behold.

There is something about that ballroom that just blows me away, and I have been meaning to go and see it for real sometime. The floor is beautiful, the architecture is breathtaking, and the chandeliers are stunning. It appears to be frozen in time, an ode to the past.

And something that is really interesting is that people say you just have to dance there. It’s as though the building itself, demands it. I love the idea that a building has such a history that it has a hold on us as humans.

It’s the same as when we step into an old National Trust property and we can feel the history. All we want to do is put on a Regency outfit and sit in the parlour drinking tea.

Much Love

R xx

best dance of the night

As they limber up, the orchestra strings

Tune themselves against the chatter,

The excited backdrop of the ballroom floor.

They’ve trained for this, for the audience coughs

And the roving lights of TV cameras,

And yet veins are pumped with pins and needles

As music so familiar, we thought we’re born

With it thrumming its beat in our fetal hearts

Plays over loudspeakers tinny with age.

The lights will come up and the music will start

And all they can hope for is a sweeping of tens

With tables clapping and judges all standing.

It was the first time the Strictly Come Dancing contestants did a dance last night and it proved to be quite the show. I’m not normally a huge fan, but there is an Olympic swimmer in the mix so it suddenly became much more interesting this year. Plus, I don’t mind admitting that I’ve got a bit of a thing for Dan Walker.

However, in my humble opinion it was Robert Webb’s Cha Cha Cha that stole the show. It was camp comedy genius and if I could give any of them a ten, it would be him.

I defy you to watch it without laughing. You are welcome.

Much Love,

Rachel xx