why do they test me so?

Why do they test me so?

Those children with the cherubic faces,

Scratching diligently with their pens,

Raising hands and being present.

But are they really? Or is it just a ruse?

They’re really gaming, chatting watching telly,

Just pretending for my sake….

OMG, kids can really be testing at times. I had a group today and I cold called on four students to give me four answers, one each. I had given them time to write their answers so they just had to copy and paste them into chat.

Surprise, surprise, two out of the four mysteriously got ‘internet problems’ and dropped off the call. They’ve never had problems before so it was a shame it happened right then.

Then I had another kid who just sat there for the whole lesson and copied and pasted something he lifted from essayforum.com. It was clearly not his work and it makes me wonder how thick they think we are?

I do get angry about it for about ten minutes and then I kind of find it funny because I know that I try to weasel out of anything I can given half the chance, so I’m not really any better.

I’m more angry when it comes to the parents because they will be the ones to be ringing up the school and complaining about the education that their child is receiving. They are always the ones that think that the sun shines out of their kids bum when actually they are a real horror!

Anyway, I’ll climb down from this soap box and have a cup of coffee to calm myself down. But if there are any teenagers reading: be warned, us adults have seen and done it all before you; you cannot fool us….

Much Love

Rachel xx