drunk teenagers in the park

I went for a run around the local sports ground this evening. There was a beautiful sunset and it was so quiet until I noticed a group of about


a summer at camp

My son’s friend has been going through the process to get a place on Camp America and it piqued my interest so I ended up going down a


genuinely thought i’d lose my job

computer tied with a black and yellow tape
Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com

Those nasty girls

That sharpen nails against my bones,

Giving looks that laser through

To my very soul.

They’re out to get you and

It’s just a matter of the lonely time.

I had a shocker of a day today with some girls being absolutely vile to me. They told me I was an awful teacher, they refused to do any work and then when I gave them a detention they just decided not to go.

There will be consequences for them, but I spent the whole day feeling terrified that everyone would believe their version of events and I would get the sack.

At the end of lunch I had two senior teachers come into my room and ask the students there to leave so that they could talk to me. I held my breath thinking that this was the moment that I would lose my job.

Fortunately, I was very wrong and they came in to say that I had done everything right and I just need to take a breath.

This experience is teaching me that I need to trust people will listen to me. I have a crushing fear that my voice will never be heard and I’ll always be called a liar. But my superiors taught me to listen to my gut today. I’m not always wrong; and yes, there are consequences for that kind of nastiness.

Much Love

Rachel xx