the me you can’t see – prince harry

We all have that side, that we keep buried deep

In the darkest of caverns, even digging would not

Uncover that me that hurts every day.

She hurts but she’s real and she takes on the shapes

Of a person with corners and edges and lines

That change when they’re sanded by words.

I keep her hidden as much as I can,

Out of shame or embarrassment, she stays tucked away

And we all have to hope that there isn’t a time

When it all gets too much and she bursts from behind

That carefully crafted mask that’s glued into place,

Because she’ll tear down the curtains

And splatter the walls with paint and those stains

That tell stories of anger

And a past that was buried with the deepest of love.

I just watched the first part of the documentary series that was produced by Oprah and the Sussexes. I know that in the UK the Sussexes have been slagged off for everything they have done since stepping down as royals, but having watched the interview, I get the impression that a lot of the people slagging them off haven’t even watched the interview.

The main argument against them seems to be that they are being horrible to his family and that they are constantly in the media even though they wanted a quiet life. However, they have only done three or four interviews and they do have to actually earn money! If they are to actually live they need to do something and if the newspapers won’t stop running stories on them then it’s pretty hard for them to just disappear.

Then we have to look at what material they are sending out into the world and I think that most of the time they are actually saying things that are really helpful to people. The documentary that I just watched was really positive and the parts where Harry ‘criticized’ the way that his family behave were much more about the trauma that we all carry rather than an all out attack on his father.

I think we all need to step back and actually listen to what people say rather than consume it through the lens that the newspapers offer us. Some of the comments I read online are sickening and I wonder how they must feel if they read any of it.

I think a lot more people actually need to watch The Me You Can’t See because it opens a window into the struggles of people who are successful and much loved.

And let’s stop being so horrible to people we don’t even know. Just because Harry is rich and privileged, it doesn’t mean that he can’t struggle like the rest of us.

Much Love

Rachel xx