the science of everything

two clear glass jars beside several flasks
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If there is a push

Then there’ll also be a pull,

There’ll always be a formula

To explain away the dull.

I am a highly emotional person, so no matter how hard I try I’m never going to be able to remain cool, calm and collected in an emergency. If my brain detects even a hint of distress then I’m a shaking, crying mess.

However, the more I learn to sit with my feelings, the more I start to look at everything in a really scientific way. Our universe is made up of balance and patterns and even relationships between people follow these rules. We can’t always see the reasons, but the cause and effect is always there.

In teaching, I used to panic when the class got out of control. Now that I’m a little more reflective, I am more likely to make a tweak something to try and fix behaviour, rather than want to just curl up and die.

The problem is that I don’t always know what equal force I need to apply to solve the problem. I don’t know what has happened for the students at home the night before or at lunch time with their friends directly before the lesson. How can I know how to push back when I don’t know exactly what’s going on in their heads?

And science crops up everywhere at the moment. I’m also reading a book about the science of storytelling. Even the words we say and the pictures we paint with those words are governed by scientific rules and laws and you can actually be really successful at life if you can understand these laws.

It seems that if you can take a step back and observe yourself and the world like a scientist, holding a clipboard and furiously scribbling notes, then you can absolutely rule the world.

Much Love

Rachel xx