junk mail musings

multi coloured wooden mailbox mounted on door
Photo by Carlos Cuadros on Pexels.com

Scattered over lino floors, in multicoloured piles,

Covered in the kitty litter, kicked from battered trays.

I dust it off and shuffle into straighter lines,

They set me off just wondering what life would be

Fishing through the ads for blinds and credit cards,

The pizzas calling out to me, for dinner, tea,

No reason really; they just exist to taunt my mind

If I could have those fancy blinds, the half price couch

The bowls of noodle soup, and black bean sauce

That come with free delivery. I haven’t even

Taken off my high heeled shoes, sitting on the stairs.

They’ll all go in the bin, eventually,

But not until I’ve dreamed….