the best of humanity

lighthouse tower in cloudy night
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There are some shining beacons

Out there in the darkest times,

When broken countries need some gluing

As their parts begin to scatter,

People stepping in with golden hearts

And pockets deep enough to help

And showing just how good we are.

With the awful events that are happening in Ukraine, we are starting to see wonderful people step up to the plate and do some really great things.

Our government have started a scheme where people can sign up and offer a home to refugees who are arriving in our country with nothing to their name. The people who are signing up are just marvelous human beings and I really applaud their kindness.

We saw similar efforts when COVID first hit our shores and it just goes to prove that there are some really good eggs out there. To open your home to strangers and show that kind of hospitality is truly amazing.

I must say that I wish we saw these acts publicised in normal times as they are nice to hear about and they are absolutely happening at all times, not just when everything feels like it’s crumbling around us.

Well done those people, and everyone else who looks out for others, even in the smallest of ways.

Much Love

Rachel xx

removing the head from the sand

brown sand dunes under white sky
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We’re hardwired to turn that blind eye

And pretend that the problem’s not ours.

Why bother our pretty minds with fear

And loathing in the East,

When it has no effect on our lives,

Until the moment it does.

I am one of those people that likes to bury my head in the sand when things are looking a bit rocky. I guess I choose to ignore something that could die down before it becomes a real thing.

I do this out of fear, rather than because I want to be ignorant. And to a degree it works.

However, there are times when that little problem does become a real thing and then I have to work twice as hard to come to terms with what is happening.

Over the past few days the situation in the Ukraine has really picked up pace. I have turned off the TV every time it came on the news, but it has now reached that ‘threshold’ point where I need to begin educating myself in what is going on.

I wonder if there are other people out there like me, and at one point do you feel that you need to know. Hiding your head in the sand can sometimes be a wonderful way to save your mental health, but we also owe it to our fellow humans to understand what is happening and, if possible, help.

Much Love

Rachel xx